Al Wasmi Katara Garden Festival

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  • data: 18/22 February 2020
  • Magazine o Luogo: Cultural Village Foundation - Doha in Qatar.
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    The Winter Garden by L’Officina dei Giardini at the Cultural Village Foundation – Katara during the Al Wasmi Gardens Festival from February 18 to 22 at Katara Hills.

    The festival will showcase a number of gardens inspired by different countries around the world set against the lush green backdrop of Katara Hills.
    Al Wasmi Gardens Festival will be open to the public from 10 am to 10 pm every day during the five-day event. Visitors can explore a beautiful array of garden designs, flowers, and plants. A range of activities for the whole family is planned as part of the festival, including food and beverage areas, floral art and craft workshops, relaxation areas, and live entertainment.