Salone dell'Auto di Torino Parco del Valentino

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  • data: 6 - 10 JUNE 2018 - TIME: 10 -12 AM (wed 2 pm - 12 am)
  • Magazine o Luogo: CORTILE DEL CASTELLO DEL VALENTINO, 6 - 10 JUNE 2018 - TIME: 10 -12 AM (wed 2 pm - 12 am)
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     L'Officina dei Giardini is honored to announce its presence at Salone dell'Auto di Torino Parco del Valentino, the prestigious event that celebrates the passion for engines and that will attract many visitors from all over Italy.

    The historic courtyard of the Castello del Valentino will host the conservatory signed by L'Odg, presented at the Milano Furniture Fair 2018 and now destined to welcome the public of the unforgettable car festival. 

    It is a Conservatory which, while preserving the reference to the elements of the past, goes towards the contemporary taste through the architectural structure in pale tones, light lines and fine essential lines. 
    During the entire duration of the exhibition, it will host an eupervescent and iconic event: the Maison of Champagne Frerejean Freres, recognized for the fineness and elegance of its cuvée, which will give the Frerejean Freres Brut Premiere Cru tasting.

    L'Officina dei Giardini with its particular Conservatory, will be an integral part of a corpus of events of high level that will take place in the Cortile del Castello del Valentino or immediately in its proximity:

    • RSVP Grand Opening | Wednesday 6 June, h. 7:30 am to 2 pm

    • The official opening to the public | Wednesday 6 June, h. 2 pm - 12 am

    • The "Exhibition Of Prototypes - The Celebration Of Car Design", the exhibition of the prototypes that made the history of the automotive world | 6 - 10 June 2018 h. 10 - 12 am (Wed: 2- 12 am)

    • Exposure in car display of the cars participating in the "Supercar Night Parade", the catwalk of the cars driven by the presidents and CEOs of the exhibiting brands and by the representatives of the automotive world which will drive the most representative car of their brand.

    • The "70th Anniversary Porsche", a static display of 12 Porsche cars | Friday 8 June, h. 9 pm-12 am

    • The "I Biscioni" Alfa Romeo Meeting | Thursday 7 June, h. 8 pm

    • The "Award of the second edition of the competition for schools" | Thursday 7 June, h. 10 am

    • The very important talk "Design Challenges, Exploration, And Challenges", organized by IAAD, dedicated to future of design and designers in all disciplines | Thursday 7 June, h.3-5 pm

    Ready to welcome you, we look forward to sharing with you this great party that involves our city!

    To visit and reach more quickly the area of the L'Odg conservatory and of the events above the Ascari entry is recommended, on corso Massimo d'Azeglio.
    The ticket is essential to access the Courtyard of the Valentino Castle and the Prototype Exhibition
    free electronic request at this linkhttps://www.parcovalentino.com/en/free-admission-ticket-torino-auto-show