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Officina dei Giardini designs, plans and constructs conservatories, orangeries, gazebos, pavilions, pool houses, glass roofing for gyms, climate-controlled greenhouses, kiosks, canopies, trellis, furniture and accessories, glass entrance cubicles and EC certified doors and windows of the highest quality.

Officina dei Giardini supports the needs of its clients throughout the different production phases of its constructions in Italy and around the world.Our conservatories are constructed on location by craftsmen specially trained in our Turin workshop by the director, Vittorio Cravanzola, who founded the company in 1995.

Unique works of craftsmanship

Officina dei Giardini conservatories are precious crafted structures built to ‘Made in Italy’ standards that will add a new and unique environment to your home where you can relax all year round.

Our conservatories, orangeries, gazebos, pavilions, pool houses, glass roofing for gyms, climate-controlled greenhouses, canopies, trellis, glass entrance cubicles, EC certified doors and windows and furniture and accessories are eco-friendly and complement their surroundings perfectly.

Design, creation and construction

Officina dei Giardini creates top quality products, finished to the highest standards of Italian craftsmanship. Our turnkey conservatories involve three phases: design, creation and construction. The design of each of our products is tailored to the needs and wishes of the client, making each one unique in terms of form, size and character.

The technical know-how and experience we have acquired over the last twenty years started life as research into period buildings and iron and glass constructions from ​​the 18th and 19th centuries. Before adding a conservatory to existing historic buildings, the Officina dei Giardini is able to carry out expert restoration work.

Bioarchitecture: 100% quality

Officina dei Giardini only uses low-impact, certified construction techniques to ensure the construction of safe, healthy spaces that will stand the test of time. Our constructions optimize energy efficiency in relation to climate and surroundings.

Under the professional supervision of Vittorio Cravanzola, all parts used in our constructions are produced ​​by skilled craftsmen in our Turin workshop.

Construction techniques and materials

Special construction techniques and materials

Our investment in innovation and research distinguishes us from competitors. Officina dei Giardini combines the know-how of our skilled staff with cutting-edge construction techniques, including nanotechnology for thermal, laser systems and composite materials for thermal insulation and thermal break steel profile – designed and produced by us and the only one on the market.

Over the last 20 years, Officina dei Giardini has designed and produced more than 1,200 unique conservatories (all signed and numbered). Each one combines cutting-edge construction techniques, an accurate study of local climate and energy performance, a comprehensive knowledge of architectural options and the best materials to use according to climactic conditions and planning construction regulations so as to create a space where you can relax in comfort any time of the year anywhere in the world.

Thermal breaks: thinner, lighter and more elegant ironwork

The ironwork used by Officina dei Giardini is thinner than in the past, giving each structure a more streamlined and lighter look.

Historical building designs are reinterpreted using solid iron profiles, or iron profiles created using technologically advanced thermal breaks, to guarantee the highest standards of thermal and mechanical resistance.

Special glass for all uses

The glass chosen by Officina dei Giardini combines all those features required by the client to ensure a perfect level of comfort in any climate throughout the year.
To guarantee satisfaction we use laminated glass, tempered glass, low emission glass, thermal- or acoustic-insulated glass, extra clear glass, sandblasted glass or, for a more artistic effect, stained or leadlight glass with fired colours.

A combination of these features are selected and incorporated into the final construction based on the performance requirements of the project.

Doors and windows

Doors and windows can be single or double, and wasistas manually or automatically operated.


To guarantee the most reliable form of protection and the highest performance in extreme conditions, all the metals used in our constructions are subjected to five different treatments: blasting, galvanizing, one coat of a two component epoxy primer and two layers of polyurethane paint.

Made-to-measure furniture and accessories

Our workshop in Turin designs and produces sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables, vases, lanterns, trellis and other furniture and accessories for conservatories. Here the ‘Made in Italy’ tradition of art and craftsmanship is kept alive right down to the finest details.

The Workspace

The 2,000 m2 Officina dei Giardini production site in Turin is big enough to pre-assemble and house large constructions.

Conservatories and other constructions can be put together here in order to be able to follow the development of a project day by day, test its functionality and performance, and lastly present it to the client before delivery.

Hand-crafted in Italy

Officina dei Giardini employees who create and assemble the constructions in our workshop as well as members of the teams responsible for constructing them on site have been specially trained to work in any part of the world.

Designed by Officina dei Giardini, the ‘OdG Evolution’ thermal break, iron profiles bring together excellent thermal performance with the aesthetic character of the original profiles used in the 19th century

How we work

A step-by-step guide

The client sends Officina dei Giardini:

  • a brief description of the site where the construction will be built
  • some photographs of the site and its surroundings
  • some suggestions regarding the construction to be created
  • an idea of the maximum dimensions of the construction

Depending on the location of the site, we will suggest the most appropriate procedure to follow in order to obtain the necessary planning permission for construction of the conservatory.
We then produce and send the client a graphic rendering (form and dimensions) of the conservatory together with a selection photographs of constructions produced by Officina dei Giardini.

We then supply a breakdown of costs for construction of the conservatory design.

After drawing up a contract with the client, Officina dei Giardini produces a time schedule for the work involved.
At this point we are ready to support the customer and their architects by producing the drawings and plans required to obtain planning permission.

When the necessary permission has been granted, a site visit takes place in order to calculate the final construction costs.

Our designers begin working on the final design, communicating and exchanging information with the client on a regular basis.

All details of the project are submitted to the client for approval so that production can begin.

The client is invited to the Officina dei Giardini in Turin to see the pre-assembled construction and choose details for the final construction on site.

At the end of this meeting we send the client a detailed report of the all their choices. So as to leave nothing to chance, each creative decision is shared and discussed with the client.

When the construction site is ready the conservatory can be transported and installed anywhere in the world.

Building regulations
Sharing our experience

Each region, town and country has its own town and country planning regulations governing the construction of conservatories. Respecting them means avoiding hitches.

Sharing our 20-year experience means Officina dei Giardini can work effectively with the client and the architect chosen by the client to produce all the documents and drawings necessary to formally present the request for planning permission.